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The historic property 

the old jones building before "modern" marble facade added by dollar savings bank.

Our amazing historic bank building is located on the  prominent corner of High and Gay St. downtown. It features a recessed green marble foundation, two-story bays with stainless steel and glass windows; simple horizontal banding defining the different floor levels; symmetrical window fenestration with four bays on High Street and a one -tenone pattern along Gay Street, fluted Art Moderne pilasters, stainless steel planters with Greek key designs along the Gay Street elevation; and two carved eagles standing on a Liberty dollar flanking the main entrance on High Street. The building appears in earlier photos as a High Victorian Italianate structure. It was modified at a cost of $125,000 in 1925 when City National Bank moved from this location to Broad St. Dollar Savings moved its offices to this building in 1957 and started the remodeling of the exterior. It was completed in 1960. During its use as Dollar Federal, the building was known for the enlarged bronze dollar coins that were fastened to the exterior but have since been removed. Marble and stone were common materials for bank buildings and the materials were utilized on the exteriors of four major bank buildings in the district. Included are the early 20th century banks-- First National Bank and Citizen's Bank , as well as the mid20th century banks -- Ohio Federal Savings and Loan  and this building.  This building always had office uses on the upper floors that were accessible from an entrance on Gay Street. The City National Bank occupied the first floor from 1900 to 1925, when it moved to a Broad Street location. Liggett's Drugs became the storefront tenant in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Venue

We started using the building to host events in our home goods store and gallery to be able to bring great handmade home goods ad art to a growing downtown neighborhood. We began to use the space more and more for events creating energy on a very quiet part of town to help grow the neighborhood and bring people to the city. We began to receive lots of inquires about renting our space. People were in awe with the work we put in to highlight and feature the former grandure of the old bank building. So we thought it would be an even better use of our space to share it with the community as a whole. To give other small businesses a chance to be inspired by the space and grow their brands. At our core that is what we have always been about. Hosting events, pop-up shops, collaborations, and shows over the past decade. We are community driven, and small business focused. It's just who we are. 

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